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Company Profile

The Protech ZoneCo.,LTD. is a capable team merited with technique, service, innovation, sales and honesty. It is a company accumulated with numerous years of technical power to fulfill the demands from customers’ criteria.
With the continuous social trust won, it is tasked with the goal to devote the society and customers. Environmental, Earth-friendly for business purposes.
The Protech Zone Co.,LTD. firstly prioritizes “satisfaction for customers and society” and wisely utilizes its own hi-end technical power and abundant experience to serve as the mission for social devotion.
It actively responds to the demand of the age and promote the business with additive value. With the devotion to our society, it also aims to fulfill the expectation of the public.
Thank you for the support and guidance.

Philosophy of Business Management

「Challenge the Creation for New Value」
「Common Growth」
「Create the Value of Employees」


「Pioneer Spirit」
「Social Devotion」

Business Policy

Provide commodities and service required by customers.

Quality Policy

Provide customers with satisfying and reliable commodities.